Monday, 4 January 2010

Kids back in School

The kids are back in school and it's about time. Yesterday I had to seperate them all day. Thank god the phone rang for one to go on a play date, so we phone for a friend to come over and entertaine my other lovely child and they invited her to their house. Yay!! kid free for an afternoon. I did the groceries, dear hubby cleaned the entire house. I got supper going, Rachel Ray's turkey burgers. MMMM they are good. Our bbq is put away for the winter but i just cooked them on the George Foreman and they still turned out great. Also made a Bacon, cheese and mac for supper tonight's dinner. Another Rachel Ray recipe. Both kids were home by 4pm and they were not in the house together more than 3o minutes and the war started all over again. I was doing the happy dance this morning, singing , school again, school again..... my kids just rolled their eyes at me. LOL As for scrapbooking goes, I did get another layout done but that's about it. Hopefully this week I can post some pics of my work for you to see. I'm so busy trying to get my son's birthday party put together. So far all I've got done is the guest list and I bought the cake mix and icing. He wants a Nerf gun party. My hubby has the keys to his school so we will do it in the gym. I pray that our store in town has enough small Nerf gun and darts, that would be the loot bag. I figured they have enough candy from Halloween and Christmas that just the Nerf gun would be fine. My son only want vanilla cupcakes so I'll make the tops look like a dart board and I'll stick a Nerf dart in the red center. His invites are being done on the computer. I googled an image of Nerf and I'm going to print it up. Wish me luck!!

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